Journey-The Sleeping King

6 February 2019 2 By Eric

Journey-The sleeping King is the role-playing project to which I dedicate part of my free time since May 2018.

It is a role-playing game inspired by the monument of the genre, the Ultima Saga created by Richard Garriott, aka Lord British, in the early years of 80.

The engine development is still underway, but the main features are present.

  • Management of a team of up to 8 members.
  • Management of the food, health, experience and inventory of each member.
  • Management of buildings (taverns, houses, healers, guilds).
  • Turn-by-turn combat management (melee weapons, remote and magic).
  • Management of communication with NPCs.
  • Management of persistent dungeons.
  • Management of rapid movements through the use of ancient pillars.

I am currently working on quest management.

Chronology, NPCs, dialogues, related items and rewards.

The feature should be available quickly.

I hope this project will interest you and that you will have fun to follow its evolution.

You can also find on the Youtube channel some videos of the gameplay.

I’ll be back soon for the sequel.